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Nippon 2017 Worldcon Bid

The Nippon 2017 Worldcon Bid Committee has resumed working on its bid!

The official site for the bid is www.nippon2017.org

This site

The  nippon2017.us  web site is a western observer of the Japanese Worldcon bid, independent of and not associated with the Bid Committee, but dedicated to encourage and assist them in returning the Worldcon to Japan.

We intend to post news and information on the bid as the Bid Committee announces it, but as they have not yet made any posts on their site (and are not expected to for a while), we will deal only with peripheral matters important to western fen, such as travel to Japan, Japanese cultural differences, etc.

Supporting the Bid

The Bid Committee has set prices for Pre-Supporting the Bid:

• Pre-Support: $20
• Pre-Oppose: $20.17 (EXACT CHANGE ONLY)
• Friend: $120

Contacting the Bid

For English language queries

The 2007 Yokohama Worldcon

Nippon 2007 was a great Worldcon, blending two very different cultures together in staging the first Worldcon in Asia.  For a western look at the Yokohama convention, visit www.nippon2007.us   While some of the external links have expired, much of the information it contains is still relevant today.

The master site for Nippon 2007 is www.nippon2007.org  It links to both the English and Japanese language sites, which were completely separate operations.

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